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"Vivendo il sogno americano" Chap 14 - I have a story to tell from my electrical well

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“Vivendo il sogno americano” Chap 14

Author: mcr_blue_canary
Rating: R/NC-17
POV: Matt’s
Pairing: implied Derek x Travis, Matt x Sonny, Evan x Sonny
Summary: Matt is 18 and his brother Evan (http://community.livejournal.com/fftlove/3715.html#cutid1) is 16. Travis and Derek are also 18. They all live in Orlando. Matt’s mother decides to take in a foreign exchange student from Sicily (the little island that the Italian boot is kicking); his name is Sonny and he’s 16. Matt doesn’t quite like this idea and decides to make Sonny’s stay as hellious as possible…until he starts to fall for little Sonny…
Disclaimer: NOT true. Happened in my head, obviously…
Author’s Note: THANK YOU so fucking much to anybody (and everybody) who reads/comments my stories!! I appreciate it SO much!!! ^_^

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Luckily, this year Halloween falls on a Friday. Sonny’s been excited ever since we got home from school; he keeps checking the time, afraid he’s gonna miss it, as we sit in our room.
“Sonny, geez, quit it!”
“Checkin’ the time! You’re not gonna miss Halloween, don’t worry.”
“Aw, Matty,” he says hugging me, “It’s going to be so much fun!”
I pet his hair, “You’re such a kid.”
He kisses my lips.
Soon enough, it’s time for us to get dressed up. Sonny grabs his maid outfit and his fishnets and runs into the bathroom. I roll my eyes and strip down to my boxers before donning the pink gown. And after much struggle I get the flowered nylons on as well. I look in the mirror, turns out I am pretty scary…I look at the pink high heels on the floor, I really don’t want to wear them…
“Hey,” Evan says, waddling into my room,in his costume, “How gay do I look?”
“As gay as I do.”
He laughs at me, “Let’s see you in them heels, boy!”
“Fuck off!”
“I hope you know, I’m passing up parties to be here.” He informs me.
“Why do I care what you do?”
“Just sayin.’”
“Aw, poor you. You’re still gonna have your girlfriend”—I say ‘girlfriend’ in my most mocking voice—“over and get laid.”
He smiles, “Yep.” Him and Veronica are now dating, which surprises the hell outta me; I thought they would’ve gotten tired of each other within a week, but it’s been almost two weeks. I’m not pissed or jealous or anything because I’ve got Sonny, whose more than just a pretty face.
“Ta-da!” Sonny announces, as he emerges from the bathroom, in full costume holding a hand-duster. He dusts my face.
“What do you think?” He asks after my face has been thoroughly dusted. I spit a feather at him. He giggles, hugging me. He grabs my crown-hat-thing and puts it on my head.
“You look cute,” He nuzzles my nose, “So do you, Evan.”
“As far as circus clowns go,” Evan mutters.
“Veronica might like it!” I tease.
“What is she going to be?” Sonny asks.
“Playboy bunny,” Evan says with a smile. I shake my head. Figures.
"Yeah, she's coming over later tonight."
Sonny puts on his black heels and looks at me, pointing to the pink shoes.
“I’m too tall,” I try.
“No! You wear them! They are your size!”
“How’d you ever find shoes that big?” Evan mocks.
“Same way you find condoms that small, lotsa searchin'”
“Fuck off, Matt!” He glares. Sonny stares blankly at us. I explain what a condom is.
“But if it is small, then it would break,” he says, not understanding.
Evan smiles, “Remember. Matt, he’s seen mine before.”
I glare. Damn him. Sonny looks at us, confused.
“Never mind, baby,” I say, kissing his forehead.
“Shoes.” He whispers. Damn it. Defeated, I put on the shoes with a two-inch heel. Sonny smiles up at me.
We grab our pillowcases to hold the candy in. By now, we know the right neighborhoods to go to. We’ve always gotten at least five pounds of candy apiece.
We set out on our quest. Much to surprise, we discover Sonny can run in heels. It is a task just to keep up with him. We find a house with a bowl of candy sitting out. I dump the whole bowl into my bag. I love the bowls.
“Fuckin’ pig!” Evan says, angry he didn’t get there first.
The next time there is a bowl; Sonny pours it in his bag, following my lead. I am proud.
We find the house that gives out money and the house that gives out Play-doh. We also got a ton of comments/questions about being “too old” or being “big kids.”’
One old guy in particular gave us a hard time.
“Aren’t you kids a little too old for this?” he asks.
“No.” We all respond.
“You should be at the parties…”
“Trick-or-treat!” Sonny tries again.
“This candy is only for little kids,” he chides attempting to close the door.
“Excuse me,” I say, angrily, “I’m 6’2 and wearing heels, I think I deserve some damn candy!”
“Not with a mouth like that!”
“Whatever,” I mutter, grabbing the bowl and dumping all but one piece into my bag. I hand it back to him, “Learn some damn manners.” We turn and quickly make our exit.
He stares at us wide-eyed and calls me a hooligan amongst other things.
“That guys was mean, but...” Sonny pouts, as we head to the next house.
“Hey, we said ‘trick-or-treat,’ and he did not comply with our demands.” I pet Sonny’s head. He has gotten the hang of things quickly; when he thinks he sees a bowl he bolts after it; leading Evan to bitch because he never has a shot at a bowl. We follow Sonny up to a house and he pours the bowl in Evan’s bag, smiling.
“Aw, thanks, Sonny,” he glares at my greedy ass. On the way to the next house, I ask Sonny why he gave it to Evan.
“Milk Duds,” he whispers. I laugh my ass off; everybody hates those things! Even the foreigner!
After trick-or-treating is over, we head back home, munching the whole way.
“What’s with all the damn Milk Duds?” Evan whines. Sonny and I laugh.
When we get back to our room, Sonny flops on my bed, kicking off his shoes. I say to him, “Let’s get this shit off!” I take off my shoes as well. I pull off the hat and his fishnets fly across the room. I smile and fight my way out of the stupid nylons. When I look up, Sonny lying on the bed still wearing the maid outfit.
“You gonna take that off?” I ask.
“You want me to?”
“Unless you’re sleepin’ in it.” Which he better not, because he sleeps on me, and that lacy looks really itchy. I struggle out of my damn dress, which takes a bit of time. Once it is off, I see Sonny laying naked on the bed. He blushes. I smile, taking in the sight. He is beautiful, his penis partially erect.
“Wow,” is all I manage to say, I move quickly on top of him and kiss his lips passionately, my tongue darting into his mouth. His arms wrap around me, as I run my hand down his chest. I touch his manhood and he moans loudly into my mouth. I can feel myself getting hard. His hands move to my boxers. I break the kiss to take them off; I watch his reaction closely as I reveal myself. His eyes get wide and his mouth drops.
“You are really big,” he says, hugging me. I smile and kiss him again, letting my body rub against his. He smiles, putting his hand on my chest and pushing me on my back. I let him. He looks at my erection, and touches it. He moves himself downward and puts his mouth around the head. I moan, watching him intently. Our eyes lock as he takes my length in his mouth. He can’t fit it all in, but he got most of it. My hands go in his hair. He concentrates mostly on the head, which is where it feels best, his lip rings rubbing the ridge. Since he focuses mainly on that, he uses a hand to stimulate the shaft. It feels wonderful. He does the most amazing things with his tongue, putting pressure on my sensitive areas. I moan loudly.
I reach behind me on my desk, my hand shakily fumbling around for the stereo remote. I find in and turn on some music; I don’t want to whole house to hear. His lip-rings caress me and I drop the remote. I’m close already, which usually I don’t get this way so soon, especially from just a blowjob, but it’s been a long time and he is incredible.
“Sonny, I-I-I’m gonna…” I whisper. He quickens his pace, hitting all the good spots. I throw my head back, moaning noisily, as I cum in his mouth. He swallows it. I watch him take me out of his mouth and lick the tip.
“You taste good,” he says hugging me.
I pull him up close and tell him, “You’re amazing. That felt so good.” I kiss his lips, tasting myself on his tongue. I touch his now fully erect penis. I kiss his neck down, playing with each nipple. He watches me move down and, without giving him much warning, I put his whole length in my mouth. He moans cutely as I move up and down. I’ve never done this before, so I try to mimic what he did. I focus on the places that felt the best on me, hoping they’ll also feel good to him. My tongue plays with the tip. He seems to like that. I tease and suck at the head and soon I have his length again in my mouth, making sure to lick every little spot. As I shift my focus back to the head, I put my fingers in Sonny’s mouth. He sucks on them greedily, and I start to taste pre-cum. I quicken my pace a little and take my fingers out of his mouth. Still sucking on him, I take one of those fingers and push it inside him. It shocks him and he almost screams. He is really tight. I finger him in time with my other movements. He seems to like this, as his moans grow louder. He tries to move his body to give me better access. I give him a thumbs-up with my free hand to stop his fidgeting. He does and I slide another finger inside.
“I’m close,” he whispers almost inaudibly. I move a little faster, sticking a third finger inside him. I feel his muscles tighten as he orgasms with a sexy scream. I lick up everything and kiss the tip. Fingers still inside him, I move up and kiss his lips. He wraps his arms around me, holding me tightly, breathing heavily.
I realize something: we’re gonna need some lube. Shit. I don’t wanna attempt this without any, that would hurt Sonny…Wait a minute…
Without removing my fingers, I take my free hand and search through my desk drawers. Sonny watches me, lips parted. I feel around for it. Aha! I grab it and show him. It is a heart-shaped bottle of peach flavored lube. (A gift from my ex-girlfriend, in hopes it would get me to go down on her.)
He nods, not bothering to ask where I got it from. I pull my fingers out as he moans. I pour some of its contents onto my now full erection. I rub it generously over myself as Sonny watches. Once I’ve finished with it, I put the bottle back on the desk and put my fingers to his lips. He licks off the excess rather quickly.
I position his body, my head at his entrance. “You ready?”
He nods and I push myself slowly inside of him. He cries out, clutching at my back. He is still really tight and I don’t want to hurt him.
Worried, I ask, “Are you ok?”
He nods, wrapping his legs around me. I try to get a little more of myself inside of him. He moans. It looks like he’s hurting.
“I’m sorry,” I say genuinely, “Do you want me to stop?”
“No,” he mutters, taking his length in his hand and caressing himself, his other arm still around me. Rather than try to fit it all inside at once, I decide just to use what I already have in him. I move slowly in and out of him, trying to be as gentle as I can. As his body relaxes, this starts to become a little easier, so I push myself in a little more. I repeat this process until I am fully inside on him. I still try to move slowly and gently. It looks like he’s about to cry.
“Are you still ok?” I feel awful for hurting him.
But he nods and whispers, “Don’t stop.”
“I don’t want to hurt you.”
He smiles, “I want this.”
Relieved, I continue, carefully speeding up my pace, until I’m at a comfortable speed. He moans. I hope I can find his good spots. I want him to enjoy this. Sensing everything seems to be ok as far as pace goes, I shift my focus to finding these spots. I watch his reactions carefully. I push myself as far into him as I can, he screams out my name, pulling me closer. More concerned with my movements, his hand rests idly on his stomach. I move faster, making sure to repeat this. It’s become easier to move and I am moving in and out at a quick pace. Sonny’s moans have become screams of pleasure; both his arms are around me now. I’m glad he’s now enjoying this. As one arm rests on my back, his other hand caresses my hair. I’m getting close, but I try to hold it back for him.
I’m moving as fast as I can, trying to hit all of his good spots. He’s getting close as well, which is good because it’s becoming hard for me to even try to hold back. His muscles start to tighten, as he gets closer.
Unable to hold back, I cum inside him, moaning loudly. Not long afterwards, Sonny screams out my name as his seed spills onto my stomach. I kiss him passionately, as I pull myself out. He moans into my mouth. I wipe off my stomach with a sheet, throwing it on the ground when I’m done. I lay beside him, cuddling into him.
He hugs me tightly. I grab the remote and turn off the music. He looks into my eyes.
“I love you,” he says, smiling. My eyes widen. No one has ever said that to me before. Ever.
“Sonny,” I whisper squeezing him, “I love you, too. You mean everything to me.”
We cuddle in perfect silence, before I ruin it.
“I love you,” I whisper again, wanting to hear him say it again.
“And I love you,” he pokes my nose. I smile.
“You mean it?” I tease.
“Tell me again.”
“Oh, Matt, I’m in love with you! I’m in love with you! I’m in love with you!” He laughs, catching on.
I hold him close, laughing myself. “Hey, I didn’t hurt you, did I?”
“Not a lot. I liked it. It was my first time with a guy.”
“Me too!" I smile. "…No wonder you’re so tight.”
He blushes. I pull the blankets over us and we cuddle again. He falls asleep on my chest. I watch him, petting his hair softly. I smile. I have never been this happy in my life. The person I love more than anything loves me too.
My world is perfect.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I got up this morning (read: noon-ish) and decided to write, so I get to the part where Matt's sucking Sonny and I randomly decided to go for a walk to get batteries and eat at Valerio's while staring at the map of Sicily. Then I took a nap. I kinda thought about submitting this chapter unfinished at that part. But I didn't 'cause that's mean. But seriously, how much would you guys have hated me? :p
But yeah, it was started around noon and finished around ten...
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Date:November 8th, 2006 09:09 pm (UTC)

And if you aren't up on your lurking, Joe & Ryan are Sonny's bffs, so no doubt he was there, too.

Some people are saying that it isn't him, but come on. Look at it! Even the hole from his lip ring is there.

Who cares, I guess, lol.
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