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"Vivendo il sogno americano” Chap. 3 - I have a story to tell from my electrical well

About "Vivendo il sogno americano” Chap. 3

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“Vivendo il sogno americano” Part 3

Author: mcr_blue_canary
Rating: PG-13 now for language, mild violence, will lean more to R (or possibly NC-17) in later chapters
POV: Matt’s and occasionally the 3rd person
Pairing: implied Derek x Travis (might be others as the story progresses)
Summary: Matt is 18 and his brother Evan (http://community.livejournal.com/fftlove/3715.html#cutid1) is 16. Travis and Derek are also 18. They all live in Orlando. Matt’s mother decides to take in a foreign exchange student from Sicily (the little island that the Italian boot is kicking); his name is Sonny and he’s 16. Matt doesn’t quite like this idea and decides to make Sonny’s stay as hellious as possible…
Disclaimer: NOT true. Happened in my head, obviously…

Chapter 1: http://mcr-blue-canary.livejournal.com/7865.html
Chapter 2: http://mcr-blue-canary.livejournal.com/8320.html


I can’t help but feel attracted to him. I feel like an idiot as I crumple up the ‘dago’ sign…maybe he is an okay kid after all.
They’ve started to walk towards the exit; Evan helping to carry Sonny’s bags. I realize I’m a little behind and run to catch up; it doesn’t take long. Soon I’m walking with Sonny. I look at him and smile warmly, genuinely, as if trying to make up for being an ass before. He shoots me an odd look and he raises an eyebrow and gives me a grin that reeks of superiority. The little bastard! Suddenly, I’m filled once more with hatred and rage. I was right all along—he’s a douchebag. I glance at Evan and mouth that word, so that Sonny doesn’t see. Evan shrugs.
The whole time mom has been blabbing on about America and asking Sonny dumb questions about himself/Italy. But, as usual, I tuned her out. I decide to pay attention, at least a little, to his responses, perhaps I can find out what really irks him—I need the ammunition. I listen, but receive no help. I take out my cell, and text Derek and Travis: “Be at my house in an hour—dago’s here.”
We walk out of the airport, to the car. Sonny is looking every which way, apparently intrigued. I hope he trips.
Suddenly I remember Evan’s claim to shotgun. I walk a little faster, hoping to get to the car before him.
“Matt, stay with us,” mom says. I glare.
“Don’t wanna get lost,” Evan teases.
“And get kidnapped by old people,” I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes, “You’re all douchebags,” I mutter.
When we get to the car, after the bags are put in the trunk, Evan looks at me and whispers, “Don’t even think about it. You get back there all cozy with Dago.”
“I hate you so much,” I whisper back. He smiles evilly. What a dick. I sigh and climb in the backseat next to him.
I can’t think of anything to say, so I keep my silence. Sonny is watching me, searching for an expression.
“What?!” I snap. He jerks back in surprise.
“Nothing. I just wonder what is wrong.” He says looking down, his eyes slowing venturing up to look me in the face.
“Ah, you.” I say.
“Matt!” mom yells, “You be nice!”
Sonny looks down, seemingly ashamed. I almost feel guilty—but the little shit has to learn his place.
Mom can’t stand silence for long so she starts talking with Sonny about useless things the whole ride home. Occasionally, Evan or I will put our two cents in, but mostly its her and Sonny’s conversation.
“Almost home!” mom says happily. Sonny’s been looking out his window the whole ride, but when he hears that, he looks more intently.
“The house is on my side, ass-hat,” I mutter.
“Oh,” he mumbles softly, looking my way, trying to see out that window.
Soon we hear mother say gleefully, “We’re here!” Sonny watches the window as we pull into the driveway. We get out and Sonny and Evan get the bags. Mother refuses to let me go in the house.
“You’re going to help us give Sonny a tour of the house,” she informs me.
“Ya,” I say sarcastically, “because the mansion is just soo big there’s no way two people could ever handle such a task.” She hits my shoulder.
We go inside the house and give Sonny the grand tour of the downstairs and the basement, then we head upstairs, where the bedrooms are. I go to my room and open the door.
I am shocked at what I see. My room has been disgraced. I can tell some stuff is missing already. What isn’t missing is shoved all on the left side of the room. The right side is fairly empty except for a bed, the bookshelf, a desk, and a dresser. I can’t believe this—no wonder that cunt wanted me out of the house so bad!! I am so livid pissed that I’m shaking.
“And here’s your room,” mom tells Sonny, “You’ll be sharing it with Matt.”
It takes all my power not to slug my mother—words cannot express the hatred I feel right now. I can’t even form words. Sonny is watching me, half in the room. Mother is smiling wickedly, and so is Evan, as they watch from the hallway. Since I can’t deck mom, I turn and unexpectedly punch Evan’s face. The force of the hit knocks him on the ground. He doesn’t get up; I knocked him clean out with one blow.
“Matt!” mom yells as she kneels beside Evan, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”
“What the hell is wrong you, you goddamn cunt?!” I ask her.
She glares, “You had no reason to hit Evan!”
“Well, I can’t hit you, so…”
“Why do you always do stupid shit like this?!” She shakes her head, as she makes sure Evan is okay.
“He ain’t dead,” I mumble. I turn and Sonny backs up. I go into what was once my room and slam the door. Sonny stares at me, probably wishing he’d stayed in the hall.
“They didn’t tell me they were putting your ass in here,” I tell him.
“Um, sorry…” he whispers.
I ignore him and flop down on my bed, my back to him, “Well, don’t bug me and don’t bug my stuff,” I assert, looking over.
He sits quietly on his bed, his hands in his lap, just looking down.
“I…I don’t understand,” he says softly, “One minute you’re nice then you’re mean…”
“That’s only because I didn’t realize I was being nice.”
We sat in silence for quite awhile, I heard Evan get up, he let me know he was all right by screaming ‘asshole’ and banging on my door.
“Fucker!” I yell back, sighing. I look across the room at Sonny, he is still sitting like that! He must be miserable! I almost feel bad. I sigh.
“Y’know,” I say cautiously, “Since we are gonna be sharing the same room, we might as well get to know each other…”
“You do realize that could be interpreted as nice , don’t you?” he replies, a slight smile on his face as he looks in my direction.
I laugh and walk across the room. I sit down on the bed beside him, smiling.
“So,” I start, “What kind of music you listen to?”
“Well, I like Aphex Twin and KoRn: American music is good. I also listen to some Italian bands you’ve never heard of. You?”
“I listen to pretty much anything, except I’m not big into religious crap or country or rap, unless I’m in a club or something.”
Sonny nods. He is beautiful again. I haven’t quite decided what to think of him. Granted, he’s gorgeous, but he’s probably one of those people that knows it too.
“So, whaddya think of the family?” I ask.
“They’re nice.”
“Pssh. Only because you haven’t got to know them yet.”
“You and your mother fight often?”
“All fucking day. I freakin’ hate her.” I give him the you-don’t-even-know look.
“Really? You really hate her?”
“She hates me, too”
“I don’t think it’s really hate, maybe just misunderstanding…”
“For the record, Americans have no values, so if that’s what you’re looking for, give up.” I tell him, annoyed with talking about mom.
“Well, I---”
Suddenly, we hear a knock on the door, interrupting our conversation. We both eye the door.
“Yo, Matt,” I hear.
I smile; Derek and Travis are here. This is gonna be great.
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Date:September 19th, 2006 11:18 pm (UTC)
woot, i cant wait!
more soon?
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Date:September 20th, 2006 01:46 pm (UTC)
YOU need to update your story!!! *hopeful smile*
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Date:September 20th, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
haha i know...i started to write more but then i stopped.So i will start writing again.
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Date:September 20th, 2006 08:22 pm (UTC)
you better!! :p
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