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"Vivendo il sogno americano" Chap 13 - I have a story to tell from my electrical well

About "Vivendo il sogno americano" Chap 13

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“Vivendo il sogno americano” Chap 13

Author: mcr_blue_canary
Rating: PGish for now (implied naughtiness)
POV: 3rd person, Matt’s
Pairing: implied Derek x Travis, Matt x Sonny, Evan x Sonny
Summary: Matt is 18 and his brother Evan (http://community.livejournal.com/fftlove/3715.html#cutid1) is 16. Travis and Derek are also 18. They all live in Orlando. Matt’s mother decides to take in a foreign exchange student from Sicily (the little island that the Italian boot is kicking); his name is Sonny and he’s 16. Matt doesn’t quite like this idea and decides to make Sonny’s stay as hellious as possible…until he starts to fall for little Sonny…
Disclaimer: NOT true. Happened in my head, obviously…
Author’s Note: THANK YOU so fucking much to anybody (and everybody) who reads/comments my stories!! I appreciate it SO much!!! ^_^

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“Hey, Sonny,” Evan whispers during study hall, “I gotta talk to you; let’s go to the library.”
Sonny nods and, upon procuring the teacher’s permission, the two head off to the library. They try to find the least populated area and sit at the table there.
“Why’ve you been avoiding me?” Evan asks.
Sonny looks down, “I’m stupid.”
“Seriously, how come?”
“Because,” he whispers, still looking down, “I like Matt. I, mean I like you as friend, but I like Matt as boyfriend…”
“Matt?! As in my brother Matt?”
Sonny nods.‘Oh, please, don’t hate us!’
“Why? He’s an asshole.”
“No, he is just misunderstood. He’s really nice.”
“Uh-huh. So when did you discover this?”
“I don’t know. I don’t want you to be hurt. I’m sorry.”
“Does he know you sucked me off?”
“No,” Sonny replies almost in tears, “I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt anybody!” As much as he tries to hold them back, the tears begin to flow, “I’m sorry! Please forgive me…” ‘He hates me!’
“Aw, Sonny don’t cry,” ‘you little whore. Matt can keep you.’
“I’m sorry,” he sobs.
“Ok, ok, I forgive you.” ‘You better just hope to hell Matt does, too’ “But the person you’re really gonna hafta talk to is Matt…”
“I know,” he says, wiping his tears away. “I will…I want to be friends with you. I don’t want you to hate me.”
“I don’t hate you,” ‘I just think you’re a slut’
Sonny smiles meekly.
“Just don’t hurt Matt, ok?” ‘He’s fragile, dammit.’
“Ok!” His smile widens.


When we got home from school, I’m still feeling like shit.
“I have a idea!” Sonny announces excitedly.
“What?” Evan and I respond in unexcited unison.
“It is close to Halloween; let’s go get costumes! It’ll be fun!”
My brother and I look at each other.
“Ev has to procure the car,” I say ‘cause that damn bitch won’t let me touch it.
Sonny stares at him hopefully.
“Fine. I’ll ask.”
“And it shall be granted,” I mutter, rolling my eyes.
In a few minutes, Evan comes back with the car keys.
“Lemme guess,” I interject before he can a word, “Don’t let your bastard brother drive,” I say in a whiny voice.
“Yeah, kinda…Sorry, dude…but you get shotgun…”
We head out into the car and climb in. Sonny sits in the backseat.
“We have to talk,” he says, “Nobody be mad, ok?”
“Shoot,” I reply.
“Well, Evan and I went out on a date awhile back, but I only can see him as a close friend, then I am dating Matt, who I see as boyfriend. And I’m sorry.”
“Huh?” I look at Evan, “You went on a date with Sonny?!”
“Awhile ago, yeah, when you were dancing in the rain.”
“What happened?” I mutter.
“He spits,” Evan whispers. My eyes grow wide.
"You mean he...you..."
"Uh-huh." What the hell? He hasn’t even done that for me!
“And you kiss me afterwards?!” I say, disgusted
“I brush my teeth with lots of mouthwash.”
Evan laughs. I glare at Sonny.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt anybody…besides you said you would forgive me.”
“Ah, when?”
“Last night, when you came home from your date.” Oh shit; he’s got me there.
“But I didn’t…” I make a series of random hand gestures to indicate my point.
“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want Evan to be disappointed.”
“And me?” I ask.
“I don’t want you to be disappointed either.”
"Do you actually like me?" I ask.
"Oh, yes! Yes, very much so!"
I look at Evan, “What do you think, bro?”
“Your call.”
I smile dejectedly and turn to Sonny, “You only date me, ok?”
“Ok!” he replies with a smile.
“You only kiss me.”
“You only—” He cuts me off by giving me a peck on the lips.
“You’re okay with this, right, Ev?” I ask.
“Hey, if you’re looking for free no-strings-attached sex—” I add.
“I’m listening.”
“Call up Veronica. She needs someone to fuck her and make good ol’ Danny jealous.”
“I hate that douche.”
“Want her number?”
“Yes.” I grab his phone and add her to his contacts.

We soon arrive at the Halloween store, much to Sonny’s excitement. I go inside and Sonny darts around examining everything in the store.
“Oh, Matt,” he teases, “You could be a cheerleader!”
“It be cute!”
“Aw, try it on!”
“How about,” I say, “You pick out my costume and I’ll pick yours.” I’m probably gonna regret that.
“And me?” Evan says.
“I can pick out yours and you can help Matt pick mine…”
“Alright.” Evan doesn't seem to care at all.
“Yay!” Sonny squeals and runs off happily.
Evan and I wonder the store discussing the whole situation. He thinks Sonny's a whore and he tells me to be careful. He says Sonny's not worth the trouble. I say Sonny's just confused, but I still like him. Either way, we agreed that he won't be pissed that I'm dating Sonny and I won't be pissed if he gets with Veronica. We also vowed never to tell mom, or anyone else.

An hour later, Sonny has come up with a pink princess for me and an inflatable cowboy riding a horse costume for Evan. We came up with a little skimpy French maid outfit
“That won’t even cover my privates!” he complains.
“Wear underwear.” Evan retorts.

Once we get home, I’m still not feeling any better. Does Sonny think I only want sex? But then why, with my brother…?
I flop down on my bed. Sonny comes over and sits on the bed.
I get an idea. I’ll give Sonny a little test to see if he thinks all I want is sex.
I stare at him, still lying down, and say, “I’m not feeling that great. Cheer me up.”
He thinks for a moment, “Ok,” he says, leaning in and kissing my lips. “Right back.” He whispers.
He runs off to the bathroom as I wait. He comes back and dumps the figures from the tub unto the bed.
“You pick first,” he says with a genuine smile.
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