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Blind Patriotism - I have a story to tell from my electrical well

About Blind Patriotism

Previous Entry Blind Patriotism Nov. 13th, 2006 @ 04:08 pm Next Entry
Alas, I thought the days of blind patriotism were pretty much over.
I was dead wrong.
My fellow students in the 20th Century history course have proved this to me. Not, all of them are bigoted; mind you, but about half. (!)
I'd had seriously thought we, as human beings and as Americans, have moved past this state in life, but apparently not all have made the journey.
We were discussing Jamaica and Colombia.
Colombia in the 1980s had a really big drug trafficking problem so the government asks the US for help. We give them guns and armed helicopters. We also request their drug traffickers be sent to the US for trail. This pisses off the drug lords and plunges the country into a war-like state. We offer no more assistance. It isn't until later, under a new leader, that the Colombian government solves the problem itself, by offering a truce to the traffickers. One Colombian lady said she didn't want US involvement, because it's not like the US is free from crime and corruption either. A classmate thought she was stupid for not loving and appreciating the US intervention--even though we solved nothing! The same classmate also believes he is never ever wrong, even when its painfully obvious.
In Jamaica, Michael Mannley instituted a system of democratic socialism. He taxed the wealthy more and used the money to build schools and shelters for the poor. He also favored Cuba. Oh, no. The US gets nervous and then decides to pull all aid and tourism money from the poor country. After Mannley, the country turns to capitalism, ridding the poor of their new schools and shelters. US aid and tourism money flows back in. I think the Jamaican people have a right to be angry at the US' complete disregard for their sovereignty. They have a right to associate friendly with whatever country they choose. They were not hurting the US in any way. Jamaica was not and is not a threat to the US at all. The US could have simply choose to negotiate with them instead of pulling all its' investments. So in response to my comment about the US pretty much acting like a schoolyard bully, this girl in my class makes an analogy that if I gave her money would I want her spending it with my enemy? Because obviously the government is run by poor starving families, they are one and the same.
My fellow students also believe the governments in these areas should be more capitalist, hyper-capitalist if you will, because that's worked so well for the US, we have no poverty, right? And all communists are poor and evil. They also think the US should build factories that will pay these poor people just enough to survive on, because that would make them happy. Everyone loves to be exploited!
These people, at least ten of them in the class-I was virtually alone, think that it is the United States' job--no, the US' right, to police the world, because we are superior to those other countries. They honestly believe this, like some sort of pseudo-nazi ideology! Often people look down on the German people for letting the whole Nazi thing happen-but we have not changed much since then. It is clear this blind patriotism is still prevalent and that Nazism could happen again, even, no, especially, in the US.
But, why not we deserve it. We is the master race.
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Date:November 17th, 2006 02:52 pm (UTC)
thanks! i'll use them! ^_^

it's really hard to find pics of the inside, too...
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