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"Vivendo il sogno americano" Chap 16 - I have a story to tell from my electrical well

About "Vivendo il sogno americano" Chap 16

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“Vivendo il sogno americano” Chap 16

Author: mcr_blue_canary
Rating: R/NC-17
POV: Matt’s
Pairing: implied Derek x Travis, Matt x Sonny, Evan x Sonny
Summary: Matt is 18 and his brother Evan (http://community.livejournal.com/fftlove/3715.html#cutid1) is 16. Travis and Derek are also 18. They all live in Orlando. Matt’s mother decides to take in a foreign exchange student from Sicily (the little island that the Italian boot is kicking); his name is Sonny and he’s 16. Matt doesn’t quite like this idea and decides to make Sonny’s stay as hellious as possible…until he starts to fall for little Sonny…
Disclaimer: NOT true. Happened in my head, obviously…
Author’s Note: THANK YOU so fucking much to anybody (and everybody) who reads/comments my stories!! I appreciate it SO much!!! ^_^

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As we near Thanksgiving, mother seems in a festive mood. She bought a giant inflatable turkey for the front yard, and now it’s Evan and my duty to put the damn thing up. Sonny is excited; he wants to help.
“This is fucking stupid,” I mutter as we pull the damn thing out of its box. It’s 30 feet tall.
Evan smiles and says in a preppy voice, “But maybe we’ll be the talk of the neighborhood for two minutes.”
I roll my eyes, “Yeah, they’ll be all like, ‘what a cunt.’” I say, mocking mom.
“We don’t have an air compressor pump do we?” I ask.
“We have one for the bike…”
“That helps…Ah, this is so stupid!” I groan.
“So are you but we keep you around.”
“Blow me.”
“Like the turkey!” Sonny announces, gleefully.
I raise my eyebrows, “Oh…kay, Sonny…”
Sonny smiles happily.
“I’ll get the bike pump,” Evan declares, heading for the garage. I debate making a comment about a dick pump, but I let it pass.
Sonny flops down on the grass and stares up at me.
“Why are you so happy, huh?”
“I don’t know, but I bet that turkey will be fun…”
“Um, how?”
“How can it not be?”
“Whatever,” I walk over to him and put my foot lightly on his chest. “Now what?”
“Now I can make you fall down,” he grabs my foot.
“Don’t make me hurt you, little boy!”
He giggles, but doesn’t let go.
“Oh, don’t make me go all WWF on your ass…” I kneel down, my foot still in his grasp.
“This is uncomfortable,” I murmur.
“Your own fault.”
“I can so kick you in the face right now!” I inform him.
“But you won’t.”
“I know,” I mutter dejectedly, looking down.
“Awww…” he lets go of my foot, smiling.
“What the hell are you guys doing?” Evan asks.
I look over at him, “You get the air pump?”
“No, a gnome stole it on the way over here,” he holds the pump up and shakes it at me.
Sonny stares at us blankly, “Travelocity?”
I laugh, “You have been watching too much TV!”
“That’s probably the only gnome he’s come in contact with…” Evan mutters.
“Lucky; I hate them things…”
“Here,” Evan hands me the pump.
“You!” I hand it back.
“Me!” Sonny squeals, grabbing it.
“And just what do you think you’re going to do with that?” I tease.
“Blow the turkey,” he smiles.
Evan and I geek out as Sonny inspects the turkey.
“Where is the hole?”
Evan and I geek even more. I wonder if Sonny knows what he’s saying.
“Found it!” he yells, proceeding to start to blow it up slowly.
“I don’t know if it’s working…” Sonny mumbles.
“Well, is it in yet?” Evan asks.
I laugh.
“Yes, see?” He holds up the turkey.
“Doesn’t look like the turkey can feel it…” I add.
“No, I guess not,” Sonny stares at the turkey, “Come on, get big!”
Evan and I are laughing so much we’re snorting. Sonny gives us a confused look.
Mom sticks her head out the window, “What are you idiots doing?”
“Blowing a turkey,” I reply.
“Why don’t you use the air compressor?”
“I didn’t know we had one,” Evan says.
She rolls her eyes, “Come on, I’ll show you.”
The three of us follow her into the bowels of the garage and discover there is, in fact, an air compressor.
“Huh. Who’d a thought?” I ponder.
“Go,” she says, chasing us back out into the yard.
“Will this blow better and make him big?” Sonny asks excitedly.
Evan and I start laughing again. He has to understand the double meaning…
“You like puns, eh?” I ask.
“Pun.” He repeats.
“Never mind,” I sigh.
With our new weapon, it doesn’t take long to inflate the dumb turkey. After it reaches its full size, Sonny hugs it and, like the nerds we are, we take pictures with it. Sonny giggles, having fun bouncing off it.
Evan and I watch him, “He is such a dork,” I whisper.
“Just a bit.”
“Come on! Play with me!” Sonny announces loudly. I blush.
“Sonny!” I chide.
“Don’t scream that!”
“Just don’t.” I walk over to where he is and ‘play’ with him and the turkey.
“Get your ass over here, Evan!” I yell.
“But I’m the photographer..."
We fool around with the turkey, until it gets dark and mom bitches at us to stop.
“You know,” Evan whispers to me, “We ought to take Son to one of them Thanksgiving festival things when they have a Dino Jump.”
“It’s be fun to fuck in one a those…” I mutter.
Evan gives me an odd look.
We go into the house and an overly hyper Sonny and I head to our room.
“What is with you today?” I ask.
“I don’t know.”
I hug him tightly, “Well, figure it out,” I tease him.
I smile and kiss him, sitting with him on my bed, grabbing the stereo remote and turning it on. By now, there is really no point to us having separate beds (except, of course, for the, um, maternal reason...oh, how I hate her). We usually sleep in my bed, but we use both beds for sex. One needs a little bit of variety.
I have also since discovered Sonny is open to try new things in the bedroom. He can get a little crazy sometimes, but I love it.
Out of nowhere, he shoves me on my back and sits on my stomach. He pins my hands back and kisses my lips passionately. I don’t know what he’s planning, but from the urgency of his kisses, I’m sure it’ll be good.
He breaks our kiss. He smiles down at me and whispers, “If I let your hands go, will you be good?”
I nod fervently.
“That’s good,” he says, letting go of my hands. He moves himself down, sitting on my thighs. He undoes my belt. And, smiling evilly at me, he holds it in his hands, contemplating its usefullness. He decides against it and tosses the belt aside.
“You need furry handcuffs,” he teases.
“You do.”
“Shhh.” He puts his finger to my lips. I lick and suck at it. He smiles seductively as he caresses my growing erection through my pants.
He pulls his finger from my mouth and undoes my jeans. He smiles and kisses me through my boxers. I moan a little, wishing he would hurry. He moves the boxers aside, revealing my fully erect penis.
He moves his mouth closer to me; I can feel his warm breath on my skin.
But before he has a chance to go any further, there’s knock on my door.
You can’t be serious!
“Go away!” I yell.
“It’s me and Trav,” I hear Derek say through the door. Sonny puts my boxers back in place and zips up my jeans.
“No,” I whisper at him.
“Hello?” Trav calls.
He gets up off of me and motions to the door. Pissed, I walk to the door with him.
I open it and grumble angrily, “What?”
“Just seein’ if you wanted to go—” Derek starts
“No!” I hiss, cutting him off. I don’t want him to say something else Sonny would be interested in doing. “We’ll do it tomorrow!”
“We were just gonna go to—”
“No!” I snap again, pointing down to my crotch, “We’re busy.”
“Shit, Matt!” Travis, says, his eyes wide.
“Yeah, see ya later,” I reply, attempting to close the door.
“Where you going?” Sonny asks.
“No place,” I answer.
“We can do it later…” Derek suggests, staring at my pants.
“Yeah, later, thanks for the thought, bye!” I close the door quickly.
“We should’ve gone,” Sonny teases.
“No, no, no,” I grab his hand and drag him back to the bed. I lay down like I was before, pulling him on top of me. I unzip my pants.
He watches me, saying nothing.
“Where were we?”
“I don’t know if I want to anymore…”
“Of course you do!”
“Mood’s ruined.”
“No it’s not!”
“I don’t know…”
“Please, Sonny. You can’t do this to me.”
“Hmmm…” he murmurs, staring off.
“Pleeaaaaseee?” I whine.
He looks down at me without a word.
“Please, Sonny? I’m begging.”
He pokes my erection.
“Please? I need you…”
He moves off of me.
“Sonny, pl—”
I look at him with sad, pleading eyes.
“Take off your pants.”
I smile, and eagerly comply. I take my shirt off as well, and lay back down naked.
“I didn’t tell you take off your shirt…”
“Sorry.” God, if he doesn’t do something to me soon, I’m going to do something to me!
He’s having way too much fun teasing. He sits on my bed and kisses my lips tenderly. I kiss him back, slipping my tongue in his mouth. He makes no other move to touch me. Desperate, I begin to fondle myself. He smacks my hand away.
“No touch.”
“I need it. Please, Sonny?” I beg again. He smiles, placing his hand where mine was. I moan loudly under his touch. He moves down. Again, I feel his breath on my skin. He kisses the tip lightly. I want so badly to push myself into his mouth, or rather just push his head down. But I don’t dare to. I know if I did, he’d bite me. It happened before. He didn’t bite enough to really hurt (not that it was pleasant), just enough to get my attention and for me to learn not to do it.
Deciding he’s teased me enough, he licks the head. His mouth soon engulfs me, licking me everywhere. I moan rather loudly. Instinctively, I put my hands in his hair, being careful to force his head down; he really hates that. As he sucks on me, his hands explore other places in that area. He rubs his finger on my perineum.
“Oh god,” I moan breathlessly, “That feels so good.”
He can tell that I’m getting close and quickens his pace.
I moan loudly, pushing myself further into his mouth as I cum. I didn’t mean to, but he doesn’t bite me.
He sits up as I try to catch my breath. I pull him close and hug him tightly.
“I should have bit you.” He whispers.
“I’m sorry.”
“I would have bit you but it didn’t want to hurt you then.”
“Thanks.” I kiss him. “I love you.”
“I love you, too.” He stands up. I whine, wanting to cuddle. He takes off his shirt slowly. I smile, watching his show. He takes off his belt and raises his eyebrows at me.
“Maybe I will tie your hands next time.”
“What if I tie you?”
He giggles, shaking his head. He discards his pants and underwear and climbs back into bed with me. I put my fingers in my mouth, my other hand caressing his back. I take my fingers from my mouth and kiss him. While we kiss, I slip a finger inside of him. He moans into my mouth as I insert another finger.
I attempt to shift my body so that I’m on top. Sonny won’t have it, pushing me firmly back down. Still kissing, he reaches behind us and grabs the lube (of which we now have a good supply). I take my fingers out of him and he moans, breaking our kiss. He sits up on my thighs. He pours some on his hand, rubbing it onto me. I moan as he does this. Once, I’ve been generously lubed, he hands me the bottle. I put it on the dresser behind me. He positions himself over me, sitting on my erection. We both moan loudly as I enter him. He situates himself on me, getting used to it. I try to sit up to assist, but he pushes me back down, keeping his hands on my chest. He moves his hips up and down, trying to find which movements feel best. I move my hips in time with him. He seems to like this, so I keep it up. I caress his erection; by now he’s almost screaming. He’s never quiet during sex (thank god) but he’s especially vocal today, which just gets me more turned on.
I smile up at him. God, he’s gorgeous. I’m mesmerized by the way his body moves, as well as how his body feels.
His legs start to shake a little, as my hand gets a little wet with pre-cum.
“You’re so beautiful,” I whisper.
“You are too,” he manages between moans, “I love you so much.”
“I love you, too, Sonny.”
He starts to move faster; so do I. He grabs my free hand and holds it. I smile. He attempts a smile back, between his screams of pleasure.
I’m getting close; I try to hold back. I don’t want to finish before him. Luckily, he’s pretty close too.
He cums onto my hand with a loud scream. I follow soon after, causing him to scream again. He collapses unto my chest, exhausted, with me still inside of him. I hold him for a few minutes while we catch our breath. Then I pick him up a bit and pull myself out. He moans, cuddling into me.
“You’re loud today,” I comment, petting his hair
“Maybe it was all the teasing.” He pauses. “Sorry.”
“Don’t be! I thought it was hot.”
I smile as he yawns. I pull the blankets over us.


The next morning, we wake up to the sound of Satan, my alarm clock.
“Goddamn.” I mutter, yawning. He moans, shutting it off. He gets up, still naked, and stretches. I watch him, waking up. I smile, pulling him close to me and touching his member.
“Not in the morning, Matt.”
“It’ll wake you up…”
He groans, “We’ll miss the bus.”
“No, we won’t.”
Undaunted, I keep touching him. "Aw, come on..."
“No.” He says again firmly. Deciding he probably means it, I stop.
We get dressed and head off to school, were we talk about pilgrims and how great America is. Yay.

Unfortunately, I’m late getting on the bus after school (I almost missed it) and the seats next to Sonny and Evan are taken. So I sit up front with the uber nerds who are discussing Star Trek. Oh, how I hate them.
I get off the bus first, followed by those two. When I turn to face them, I see Sonny has a black eye. I can also see a bit of dried blood under his nose. I am livid pissed. No one hurts him. No one.
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Date:November 16th, 2006 11:26 am (UTC)
I've just finished all sixteen chapters and I love this.
You're rad.
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Date:November 16th, 2006 07:26 pm (UTC)
no fucking way, matt better make it better.
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