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September 11th, 2007 - I have a story to tell from my electrical well

About September 11th, 2007

my 21st b-day 09:56 pm
K, so today is the big 2-1.
Here's the exciting-ness that was my 21st:
*Woke up early; wrote a research proposal about demonology
*Went to class
*Had dinner (Pizza Hut) with the parents
*Went to Presque Isle Downs and Casino with Matthew and got $10 and a free buffet...won $20 and tried to take a picture with the winning machine to put on myspace but some freaky dude came over and yelled that we weren't allowed to take pictures (why was not explained) then he wanted our last names and screamed how he "knew" us from Quality Markets...he was the gambling gestapo..and after we "met" him, I just wanted to leave because he gave off that creepy I'll-find-where-you-live-and-imprison-you-in-my-basement-to-do-god-knows-what vibe..but I wanted to get my free $13 buffet--except it was only good today and I wasn't hungry, so I got it anyway and got a drink and two pieces of cake...and to think: the photo would have been free adverstisement--and a hell of a lot better 'advertisement' than that creepy --emphasis on the INCREDIBLY CREEPY--guy...
*Followed the casino bus around the parking lot...
*Drove around Erie finding nothing to do,
*Stopped at Gabriel Bros. and I got a giant stuffed lobster:
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(the dollar is in the pic to show how obnoxiously huge this thing is)
*Stopped by beer distributers to see if they had 6 packs of Smirnoff...they only sold them in 24 packs for $31!! I didn't buy any...
*Went to a bar in Edinboro where I got a grape Smirnoff for $2.75 and could--but didn't yet--get a 6-pack for $9 (it's cheaper in NY tho...)
*Went home and listened to my asshole neighbors yell...which brings us to now (10:00)
*I may nap soon if my neighbors shut their goddamn mouths
*Also I'm playing the annoying songs CD (of which I have 3 and Matthew gave me a 4th!!)
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Current Mood: underwhelmed
Current Music: Annoying Mix
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