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"Perceptions of Reality" (PART II) - I have a story to tell from my electrical well

About "Perceptions of Reality" (PART II)

Previous Entry "Perceptions of Reality" (PART II) Aug. 6th, 2006 @ 11:08 pm Next Entry
Yesterday Matt and I decided we’d go on a road trip to find my real family. Tonight we’re packing. I’ve just finished getting my things together. And I begin to imagine what my mother looks like. Is she short like me? Is she tan? Does she have dark hair and eyes? Does she have a big nose like mine? Is she skinny? The image that forms in my head is a middle-aged female version of myself, and I hope she doesn’t look like that. I hope she’s pretty. Maybe I look like my father.
I realize I’m way more excited than I should be. After all, I am going to see the woman that abandoned me. She probably had a good reason; I rationalize. I’m excited to see her and at the same time I want to cry. But I’m done crying—at least for now. My mind starts to wonder further: what if she didn’t abandon me? What if I was stolen away from her?! What if I was in the black-market baby ring?! I know I’m only coming up with those reasons because it’s a lot less painful if I was taken instead of left.
I sigh and look in the mirror. My eyeliner’s faded so I re-apply it. As I do this, I start to sing. “I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and—”
“GAY!” Matt and I finish it together.
I giggle and hug him. He kisses my neck and rubs my crotch.
“You do feel pretty.”
“Oh, stop!” I push him away playfully. “Have you packed yet, mister?”
He hangs his head. “No, sir.”
I try to stop myself from giggling again, but he’s just too cute sometimes! “Well, hop to it, then.”
“I defy your orders, Captain,” he says as he pulls me close to him and kisses my lips. Why does he have to be so difficult and so hard to resist at the same time? I kiss back, and he picks me up. We kiss some more and then I realize what he’s up to; he’s fooled me with this before—but not today, now that I’m on to him and his shenanigans!
Instantly, I try to break the kiss and distance myself from him. As I pull away, he grabs my arm and pulls me back. I drag my feet, while screaming.
“NOO!!” I yell.
“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” I screech longer and louder. I try to find something to hold unto, I grab unto the doorframe with both hands.
“Let go, Sonny.”
“No, you let go!”
“Come on, it won’t hurt you.”
“No! I don’t wanna.” I pout.
“Too bad.” He tries to pull me off, but I hang on tight.
“Come on!” He pulls again, trying not to hurt me or the doorframe. Always latch onto something big and breakable, I’ve learned. Otherwise, I’d be doomed; Matt’s so much bigger and stronger than I am. But I’m weasel-ly (Yay?)
“That’s it, Sonny, you give me no choice…”
Oh no.
He starts tickling me. I begin to laugh; I still try to retain my grip on the door but he manages to pull me off. I scream again.
“Yes. You need it.”
“No, I don’t! I’m fine, Matt, put me down, now!” He ignores me and I must resort to…going spastic. I grab at anything in reach and start flailing my arms and legs, trying to hit him or kick him without really hurting him. He throws me over his shoulder, so that my feet are to his back. I see he has learned. I kick him in the ass while he carries me...I haven’t lost just yet. I cover his eyes.
“Good thing I know my way around the house, Sonny.” Dammit. Now, I must resort to begging.
“Matt, please don’t. I’m fine, really,” I plead, “Please?” My eyes are big and hopeful.
“Awww… so cute!” Dammit again.
We go into the bathroom and I see he’s prepared for this. The bathtub’s full of water and really sweet smelling bubble bath. My Mr. Bubble toy is in there too, along with Matt’s rubber duckie. I know I’m not going to get out of this. He puts me down and I try to run out. He blocks the exit and kisses my lips again. I kiss him back; I know now that I’ve lost.
“You win.” I whisper.
He nuzzles my neck, “Good boy.”
He takes off my clothes. I blush as he does it, even though he’s seen me naked—and stripped me—so many times before. I look into his eyes. He picks up my naked body and puts me in the bath water. I hiss.
“You totally ruined the moment there, Sonny.”
“Like a pelican in the King’s castle.” He raises an eyebrow at that and I smile. You just try and figure it out, Matt.
Matt starts to take off his clothes too.
“Slowly,” I instruct. He complies and I get a good show...He’s actually quite good at striptease.
He gets into the tub with me. The bathtub is ridiculously large (which I thought was quite unnecessary, but the other guys thought was freakin’ sweet…why do I always get out-voted? Stupid democracy.).
I squeaked his duckie and he grabbed it from my hand.
He lets duckie float and pulls me toward him and kisses me. He puts his hands in my hair. And just when I really start getting into it, he dunks my head under water. When I pop my head up I hear him laughing. I growl and pounce at him, dunking his head under as well. By this point we’re both cracking up. Matt grabs the shampoo bottle and puts some in my hair and then hands it to me. I put some in his hair. He rubs it into my hair and I do the same for him. As much as I avoid taking baths, Matt does make it entertaining. We use the shampoo to spike up each other’s hair and make other stupid styles.
“Looks greaaaat, darling,” Matt says in a horribly fake French accent. “Take this lil bunch here and,” he moves a clump of my hair, “Voila! Peeerfect.”
I snort.
“What the hell, Sonny?” He asks laughing. I splash him.
“Gotta get the shampoo out.” I keep splashing him and he dunks my head. We play wrestle for a little bit. Then I hug him. He wraps his arms around me and we kiss. He is sitting and I am over him, one leg on either side of him. I debate in my head what next to do…I wonder how much it would hurt to sit on him…usually when we have sex he gives me adequate preparation…
I decide it’d be best just to find out. I lower myself down and guide him into me. It does kinda hurt and I scream—out of both pleasure and pain.
“You okay, baby?”
“Yeah,” I mumble. I grab onto his hands and start to move up and down on him. He starts to moan now, too. I’m getting use to the feeling and pleasure has taken the place of pain. I moan loudly as I bounce on him. The bathroom echoes the both of us. Matt is pretty content to let me do all the work—except for a few times here and there where he’ll push me down harder—and I kind of like that. I mean, that’s the most control I’ll ever have when it comes to making love. It’d just be awkward if I tried to top Matt. I continue to hop on him, picking up my pace. My legs are getting tired, but it feels so good. We’re both close now, and I want to cum with him. It feels amazing when lovers cum at the same time. That’s all I want right now.
“Oh God, Sonny…” Matt moans.
“Ah, Matt…I…” I try to say more, but the words just won’t form right now. As I move on top of him, Matt bucks his hips up, causing both of us to scream in orgasm. We breathe heavily, and I move myself off of him and cuddle up next to him.
“I love you.” He looks into my eyes.
“And I love you.” I say, still out of breath.
“That was great, Sonny.”
I smile and nod, cuddling closer into him.
“See? Baths can be fun.”
I squeak his rubber duckie.
“Hey, now, my duckie.” I hand it over and grab Mr. Bubbles, which is a lot cooler anyway.
After we catch our breath, we climb out of the tub. Matt opens the drain and I smack his ass with a towel. He squeaks. I do a bizarre dance with the towel that involves moving it rapidly from left to right. He watches in awe of my mad skills.
“Gimme that!” He grabs the towel and dries himself off with it. “At least you’ll look presentable for your family.” I hadn’t even thought of that.
“You think so?”
“Yep. My beautiful, sweet-smelling Sonny.” I smile. I look to see what clothes Matt brought for me to wear (I know he won’t let me wear what I was wearing pre-bath). I see it’s my Disney Princess nightgown, the one Matt thinks is really sexy, probably due to the fact that you can see my ass when I bend over. Matt brought regular PJs for himself. I glare.
“What? You know I like you wearing that.” I smile. I love it when Matt makes me feel sexy like this. We put on our nightwear and go to the bedroom so that Matt can finish/start packing. While he is packing his clothes and other junk, I go to the kitchen to pack some food. I make a list of other stuff we need…we can pick up that stuff tomorrow before we head out.
Once I finish this task, I go back up to check on Matt. He’s finished packing and is waiting for me in bed. I smile at him.
“Hey, cutie,” I tease.
“Hi, babe,” He teases back.
“I made a list of shit we still need. We can pick it up before we leave.”
I lay in bed with him. I cuddle up to him and take my usual spot on his chest. He strokes my hair. I am excited for tomorrow.
“Good night, Sonny. Don’t keep yourself up all night.”
“I won’t.” At least I hope I won’t. “Night, Matt.”
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Date:August 7th, 2006 05:40 am (UTC)
Disney Princess?
Ha ha. Made me giggle.

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Date:August 7th, 2006 08:42 am (UTC)
I start to sing. “I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and—”
“GAY!” Matt and I finish it together.

I was randomly searching through communities and clicked on your username & read those lines, and decided I have to add you.

add me?

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Date:August 7th, 2006 12:47 pm (UTC)
deal! ^_^
Date:August 9th, 2006 01:40 am (UTC)
<3 LOVE it
(Deleted comment)
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Date:August 13th, 2006 02:35 pm (UTC)
awww....thanks! ^_^
*is happy*
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